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Our Academics

Students receive a cutting-edge education that is catered to their individual needs. This includes the core subjects, as well as Agricultural Vocational Training and Bible class.

At Hartland Day Academy, we are convinced that learning takes place best in a positive and sharing environment. We are also convinced that this environment does not occur naturally. It must be deliberately created by everyone: teachers, parents, students as well as the board, church and the constituency. Again this year we will focus our creative energies on ways to establish and sustain a positive and sharing atmosphere in our school. Our basic premise is that a personal relationship with God and a caring, positive attitude are as important in determining success as intelligence and skills. Because of this, our primary focus will be to teach the students to know God personally, to develop positive attitudes about themselves, their school and their education, and to develop a joy about sharing with others. This will be done by modeling our relationship with the Lord, by doing our best in teaching the basic skills, by allowing the students to experience success every day, and by giving each student opportunities for sharing with each other and the community.

To succeed, we must have an active sustained effort and support from the students, families, teachers, school board and local churches’ support. We seek your comments and concerns.


Hartland Day Academy has chosen to seek accreditation with EASEA (E.A. Sutherland Education Association). This gives the greatest opportunity for the academy to operate within the guidelines of a God centered education.

Qualification of Admission

Hartland Day Academy welcomes any young person (grades 3 to 12) who desires a character-building education to be witness for Christ. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian school, high moral principles and respect for God and others are expected from all who attend. Students should realize that by presenting themselves for admission to HDA, they willingly pledge to observe the regulations and uphold the Christian principles upon which the school is founded. The admission process will include an interview with the student and parents (or legal guardian). Upon completion of the interview, three references will be required.

Application for admission will be considered by the school board.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of the Hartland Institute of Health and Education to admit students of any race, color, sex, ethnicity, or national origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at its school, and makes no discrimination on basis of race in administration of education, policies, application admission, scholarship and athletic or extracurricular activities.

Age of Admission

In harmony with the instruction from the Spirit of Prophecy, supported by the findings of medical science, children should not be sent to school at too early an age. Ages 8 or 9, and 3rd grader are minimum guidelines. A birth certificate is requested at registration. The school may require readiness screening for third graders.

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