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Letter from the Principal

Welcome to HDA. This is our acronym for Hartland Day Academy.
Our name may seem a little peculiar, but it actually is descriptive. We are
located in the beautiful campus, and are an integral part of Hartland Institute of
Health and Education. We are a ‘day’ school, meaning that as of now, we do not
have boarding students. And the Academy part of our name indicates we are not
a collegiate level school, as is Hartland College, one of the components of
Hartland Institute. We serve an Elementary, Intermediate and High School
population, part of which are Faculty and Staff Personnel children and part
children of community families that share our vision, philosophy and practices.

Hand in hand with our Academic program we endeavor to instill in our children
at all levels the values and principles we sustain. Among these lines is our
Vocational Training Program, through which our children learn, each at their
level, the essential basics of Plant Services, Auto Mechanics, Health Ministry,
Industrial Kitchen, hands-on agricultural principles through a small garden, and
Teacher Assistance. Consistency, time management, responsibility for assigned
tasks, the value of service, honesty, Christian work ethics and other life skills
and traits are side benefits and building blocks of a sound character that our
children begin to acquire as they interact, grow and learn.
To learn more about HDA, please refer to the contact information on our page.

Sandra E. Vélez-González
HDA Principal