(540) 680-3443 academy@hartland.edu


  • What is the curriculum?
    The school-wide curriculum is inclusive of the following subject area standards:

    • Bible
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
    • Physical Education
    • Science
    • Health
    • Fine Arts
    • Technology
    • Vocational/Work Education
    • Modern Languages
  • What are the Graduation Requirements?

    The following pattern of courses shall be required for all students enrolled in grades 9 – 12. The general diploma will be awarded to students who:
    1. Earn at least 22 credits.
    2. Demonstrate proficiency in all required coursework.
    3. Have satisfactory records of attendance and conduct.

    Courses Credits
    Bible I, II, III, and IV1 1-4
    Language I, II, III, IV 4
    Science (must include Biology) 2
    Mathematics2 3
    Social Studies3 2
    Computer Education 1
    Personal Finance 0.5
    Wellness Education4 1
    Fine Arts (Music and Arts) 1
    Practical Training Education1 1
    Life Skills1 (must include Agriculture) 1-4
    Electives 0 or more


  • Do you have a boarding school?
    No.  We are praying about the possibility, and seeking His guidance in the matter.
  • What is the tuition?
    This may vary slightly from year to year but this is the actual tuition 2018-2019

    Tuition 10 Month Installments Annual
    Elementary – Middle School (1st – 8th) 1st child $259 $2590
    2nd Child $240 $2420
    3rd Child and subsequent $220 $2200
    9th -12th grade (High School) $342 $3420
    2nd child and
    subsequent children
    $310 $3100
    Registration Fees
    3rd to 8th grades
    Due at time of acceptance
    $300 per child
    9th to 12th grades Non-refundable
    Due at time of acceptance
    $350 per child
    Please be aware of other fees (i.e. field trips…) TBA


  • Are you accredited?
    We are in the process of seeking accreditation through EASEA.
  • What is EASEA?
    The E. A. Sutherland Education Association was developed by The Layman Foundation (TLF) to assist independently operated, self-supporting schools of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the areas of school improvement, teacher certification, accreditation, inter-school student activities, vocational training, staff development, and resource development.

    EASEA’s mission is to facilitate the development, improvement, and propagation of lay-operated Seventh-day Adventist schools as defined in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. Our vision is to create a worldwide association of lay-operated Seventh-day Adventist schools preparing young people to proclaim the three angels’ messages.
    The E. A. Sutherland Education Association ensures excellence in its member schools through a continuous process of self-evaluation, reflection, and improvement. Schools are challenged to implement innovative change and continual improvement while faithfully adhering to a distinct Seventh-day Adventist educational philosophy.

    To facilitate this process, EASEA offers school accreditation and teacher certification services that are in harmony with the mission and vision of its member schools.

  • What are the requirements of application?
    • Complete and submit the Application documents.
    • Have an interview with HDA administrators
    • Submit the following documents:
      • Records from previous schools
      • Copy of Birth Certificate
      • 2 recommendation letters and 2 reference contacts (ideally from a former educator or instructor)
      • Immunization Records or Notarized Virginia Waiver Form
      • Medical examination record
  • Do you have a kindergarten program?
    No. Based on EGW’s writings we believe that young children should be educated at home until they are mature enough. We highly recommend that children begin their formal schooling at the age of 9 when they are mature enough to face the challenges of formal schooling. Each case is evaluated individually.